A new start for a new year.


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Findhorn Bay

Last year Bill and I decided to have a different year in 2015. Most folk choose ‘ a year in Provence’ or some such sunny place to spend a year out but for us we chose Findhorn, a place we know and visit in the north of Scotland.  Despite knowing the place, it was quite difficult to make and then commit to the decision. As 2015 drew nearer I thought of the many friends I have in the dale, the groups I belong to, the comfort of what I know and am used to against what might, or might not, come up over the next year. We were due to leave in mid December and we had to make the house fit for a dear friend to live in for the year. What a load of accumulated ‘stuff’ we had collected over the years. Lots of visits to charity shops and re-cycling and rubbish points were in order. We agreed that everyone should plan to leave a place, even if not in reality, every few years just to clear out one’s place and life and give room for the new.

So, a new beginning for 2015 with space to think what is important to us and worth keeping and what can go. We have already walked the long beach several times, thinking of what we might like to do, a sort of ‘bucket list’ with a bit of focus. It may be wonderful and it may be difficult but that is life anyway and we would never know without giving the change a chance. One thing is that just making the change has prompted me to re-start these newsletters.

We can’t all just go somewhere different for a year but we can, perhaps. let out minds play with what might be new or challenging or fun for 2015 and ‘go for it’ even if change is a bit scary.

Wishing you all a brilliant 2015. Every day is a precious gift. Live it to the full.



Findhorn bay

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