Greatness and the ordinary.


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nightfall on Orkney

The very ordinary Last month I struggled with the thought of a newsletter – what to say, so much else to do, low energy levels due to erratic sleep patterns and eventually I gave myself permission to ‘miss’. I let go of ‘should’ and ‘ought to’ – what a relief! So what if every other coach is full of energy, always on top of the game – I could miss one lap of the race, sit at the track side and watch the world a bit. Re-patterning of sleep? More next time.


Greatness – this last couple of weeks the world has been mourning the passing of Nelson Mandela. We have re-heard his words, listened to friends and colleagues talk about him and watched the celebrations and mourning of the South African people. In 1994 I was privileged to be a guest when the City of Leeds made him a Freeman of the City. He spoke eloquently that his country did not want charity but rather needed the world to trade fairly and buy it’s goods.  Then it was time for him to go to the outside stage and meet the crowds who were waiting for him; people crowded in front of the Civic Hall, patients and staff hanging out of the windows of the hospital opposite and many children who had rehearsed songs and dances of greeting. I remember him taking a long time to arrive on stage as he had been talking with people in the crowd, then, once on stage, how he danced with the children as if he were a child again. What a man, not soured by hardship or blame.

 Christmas comes and so do memories of those we love, some still with us and the difficult memories of those no longer with us physically but still very much alive in our hearts. Memories are jewels to treasure then take out to light up our days; our children when young, our own youth when we could dance and sing for hours, perhaps for fewer hours now, parents, partners, family members, good friends who know us for who and  what we are and still count us as friends, successes and disappointments, what a treasure chest.

 May your Christmas be merry and 2014 be a year of fun, happiness and fulfilment – a year to love life and live it richly.



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