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spilling over the joy

Do you ever spend time on anything but that which you really, deep down, want to, and know that you ought to be doing? Now ‘ought to’ is not a word I use often; we have too much ‘ought to’ and  ‘should’ in our lives but all today I have been wanting to write this newsletter and didn’t. Why? Some weeks ago I ran two re-connect’ sessions with a group of wonderful women who continually support and enliven each other and they certainly enlivened me. The coaching has been rewarding, we have,  post flood, new floors down in two rooms which we then decorated, we have spent time with good friends, seen family, are about to visit others and I’ve committed to be in a community play, a minor role but something I’ve always wanted to do.  Some good ‘ups’

Then the lack of energy, the ‘shelve it until after I’ve read the paper or tomorrow or even until it goes away’ approach and the longer the shelving, the more difficult to re-engage. Is it the long winter weather, cold, grey, wind and rain, or firms who don’t respond or that our phone and radio signals are interrupted on an annoying basis?    A few ‘downs’.

Just reading this makes me smile. Poor me! What procrastination! Writing despite myself has changed the mood. I’m remembering a few really lovely days, clear skies, sunshine, lambs in the fields, daffodils gracing the hillsides, even one long walk and picnic day. Sometimes we can’t wait until something is going to be perfect, the weather good or inspiration to burst upon us? Sometimes we just get started and let the inner me and the inner you take charge, which it will do as we trust ourselves to be sufficient for what is needed. You really do have it in there. Trust yourself. Let it spill out.

In spring our garden is alight with daffodils. Whatever the winter, they surface and shout ‘spring’ is coming. The picture shows the ones which have, over the years, spilled from garden to grass verge. If you feel a bit down or procrastination has the upper hand, just get started. The very act helps opens a virtual treasure box of good memories, strengths you know you have, times you know you  make a difference, friendships you share. Get started at whatever you want and need to do and it will come. Like the daffodils, that which is within you could just spill over and light up the day.

You have one precious life. Love it. Live it richly.



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