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No newsletter in February and I’m just getting March’s in by the skin of my teeth! I’ve been busy, really busy, mopping up flooded floors, staying in another cottage while ours gets fixed and living in Findhorn for three weeks where we helped our daughter put up a shed and build a wood store, all of us freezing in the process, We stood about looking useful while she put new fronts on kitchen units and we snatched some walks along the shore. Then back to Swaledale to dig ourselves through the snow up to our house!  So, much too busy, mea culpa, get over and on with it!

On reflection, do I ever find myself missing important things in life because I’m too busy, because urgent takes precedence? Do I spend enough time with those I love? Do I get outside and appreciate this lovely world, even if snowy and freezing? Do I just sit a while and do nothing much? Is there anyone or anything you might you be missing because you are too busy?

A few weeks ago I became so incensed over  corporate tax avoidance that I started a petition to curtail this with one Anglo/Zambian company. Zambia is a county dear to my heart since Bill and I visited. It is proving to be a bigger stretch than I anticipated but I am certainly learning. I’m learning a bit more about using IT and re-discovering the me who can handle disinterest and still pursue the goal. I get to feel it might never make a difference and I’m having to exercise patience as I want results today. I’m  learning to take time out and re-fuel for the next push. Those who know me will tell anyone that patience is not my strong point! Why share this? Because it is OK to not be perfect, it is OK to feel down and loose sight of the goal. Amazingly, within me and within you is the ability to re-connect with what is important, to look up, re-focus and set off again. Would I have started this if I’d known what it takes? I hope and expect I would.

Here’s an apt quote from Abraham Lincoln   “The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time”. We can live each day as it comes and  handle what that day brings, cope with its pressures, be sad, have fun, share a little love.

What else? I’m really looking forward to a couple of refresher sessions with a great group of women who all brought some sort of challenge when they met two years ago. They have grown enormously, they are feisty, support each other, meet regularly, have fun and live richly.

You have one precious life. Love it. Live it richly.


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