A HAPPY NEW YEAR- what could that be?


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This ‘happy new year’ post is so late I asked myself, ‘why send it at all?’ Then I thought to share our new year. We had a great Christmas period with various members of our family in Switzerland and the UK and planned to have a festive new year with friends here in our small village. However the plans went out of the window – or down the drain! We spent the last two days of 2012 baling water out of our kitchen at a rate just faster than it was coming in.

The coach Michael Neil once asked clients how much of what had happened over the previous year was according to plan and how much to serendipity. The response was twice as much happened which had not been planned for as that which had.

So how can we achieve things if serendipity, not planming, is the main way most things happen in life?  How can we be ready for the unexpected?

We have to give ourselves space to let our minds wander and just see what pops up. What lets you put down your heavily loaded plate of things which must be done? Do you sit and pipe dream, garden, walk, run, cycle or meditate? Our best ideas come when we are not actively thinking but we need to be able to trust that this will happen even though we are not worrying about solutions.  How liberating that we don’t have to be ‘in charge’ all the time.

Back to baling out water from the kitchen. We are now in a holiday cottage in the village for two or three weeks while our house is made right. I’ll admit that at first I found the whole period very stressful and I expended lots of energy trying to make everything work quickly and in order. Then I began just to go with the situation, to see this as a winter holiday where there is time to sit and dream and walk a bit, to let go of my plate of things to do and I find that ideas and possibilities for the year ahead are starting to ‘pop up’.

So, this is a new, unexepected start to a year for us which could be very happy.

I wish you all a very happy new year and trust that you may give your self space for what might be there for you in 2013.


You have one precious life. Love it. Live it richly.



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