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So here am I, this excellent coach who can help someone face and overcome a challenge, realise a dream, learn to trust and access his or her own inner strength, dance with life …. and this week I got it all wrong!

We have been changing banks (Oh, they say it is easy, but there is easy and easy) and I lost a whole file of important business documents which I used with the previous bank. I searched the shelves, the filing cabinet, all remotely relevant files, then the next day I re-checked everything just in case I hadn’t done it properly. I could feel myself getting more and more wound up and wondering how on earth I would sort out the end of the year books when I suddenly thought ‘I’m getting nowhere and I’m going to STOP right now. In the scale of importance in this universe, this is nothing’ and we went to the pictures, bought a meal, relaxed.  When we got back I walked straight to the place I had put the file, which was not its usual place, and there it was.

I am sharing this because I know what I could have done but did not. I did not trust myself and allow the space or time for my unconscious to handle the problem.  When I did let go of the frantic worrying, the answer came.

For the small and large things in life, what we want, what is important, what gives us joy, we will have answers if we trust ourselves and give our inner knowledge space to surface.  Do stop a while, go for a walk, listen to music or work in the garden; take time to listen to your wonderful inner self and use your energies for rich living.



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