You have one precious life. Love it. Live it richly!


The people I coach bring a wide range of problems and challenges from their personal, family or work lives. Each person is capable of finding their own solution. Deep down, we know what is best for us but we forget how to reach within and trust ourselves.

Within all of us there is an inner spark which is capable of finding our own answers to whatever is a current issue. As your coach I will help you find and release that spark. I will hear you, value you, challenge you, hold you and dance with you until you fly!

  • Are you stuck right now?
  • Do you live with ongoing challenge?
  • Are you making the most of your abilities in your personal or professional life?
  • Do you long to move onwards and upwards?
  • Have you an unrealised dream?

I work with individuals and groups by listening, encouraging and challenging them to fully explore and apply their creativity, skills and experience to achieve what they most desire, both personally and professionally.

‘You have one precious life. Love it. Live it richly.’

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